What are you trying to create or build? Why? How? When and with whom?

The Head Gardener Model is a positive, practical clear supportive approach to coaching leaders based on the power of the unconscious mind, bio-hacks, analogy, as well as a true understanding and experience of limiters and accelerators.

When to use this service

  • (Re)Building hope, trust and teams
  • Navigation and positioning in teams
  • The ‘productive’ garden
  • Listener, kind challenger
  • Using neuroscience for successful change


Special interests

The Head Gardener has provided coaching for single issue matters, career change, searching for meaning, those who feel ‘blocked’ for whatever reason and those with energy and ambition who lack direction.

You can access coaching with The HEAD Gardener directly, and see what some of her previous client said about her and her work.

Underpinning The Head Gardeners coaching and leadership experience she is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (FCIPD), International Coaching Federation (ICF), Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner (MBTI), has her Professional Certificate in Coaching and PROPHET accreditation both from Henley Business School, with Aston OD Team Coach certification experience (2018). She continues regular CPD and coaching supervision to ensure she reflects on her practice and develops herself as she supports others.


Coaching offers

The HEAD Gardener skills and knowledge is exactly matched to help these individuals and organisations to succeed in the appointments they make or wish to revive within current role.

An accredited (International Coaching Federation) coach for 13 years (Henley Business School trained and certified). A successful transition coach for:

  • senior military officers into civilian roles in the NHS, Third Sector and corporate life
  • promoted NHS Directors and those in health organisations at national level
  • corporate women leaders (finance, change leader, and people leader roles)


(The S3 Programme)


Outline - Unique support offers to aid retention for the newly appointed CEO / Executive and the organisation they land in for their first year.

Creating a first 100-day plan, based on the needs of the person, organisation, the strengths and development needs seen in the assessment and appointment process, ongoing coaching at the end of the 3-, 6- and 12months periods with the Chief Executive (Chair is CEO appointment) and peer group input.

Outcomes – a successfully landed new CEO/Executive, well embedded in the team, playing a full and valuable role from the start and delivering on the needs of the organisation.


Client S3A said Without Caroline I don’t think the organisation would have for the best ‘me’ as early and I certainly would not have got my feet under the table as quickly (or been able to have a safe wobble!). She has astonishing insight, deep knowledge of what it takes, and uses a unique blend of tools and her own experience to generously create success for and with others. Top recommend!


(The SURP Programme)


Outline – for the new senior manager or those expanding their remit / needs refreshing in recreating the sense of purpose to continue to thrive and engage in role.

The programme goes back to the drivers of the individuals, the path to now and creating the desire for next. The programme delivers support and re-ignites engagement in the organisation and its purpose, increases satisfaction in delivery for self, teams, and understanding (and managing) leader constraints.

Outcomes – a successfully promoted (or changed role) for individuals which will reset, retain, and grow the individual in their new challenge.



Outline - A unique offer to support the best exit of Executives / C-Suite Directors from their organisation.  From first encountering the exiting conversations and then decision to do so, whether it is a no-fault departure (fit or other factors), reducing overheads, merger or acquisition, when an individual is to cease their employment there is a world of emotion and logistics to navigate.

The programme can be bespoke, and co-created with individual, organisation / CEO and the HEAD Gardener based on an outline shared below.

Outcome - A successfully exited Executive who may not have chosen the decision but is supported so well that they speak well of the experience (the support and the process) and go on to thrive in their next role.


Client T2A said “Working with Caroline is both fun and hard work! Even in my dark moments I have felt able to be my complete messy self and ‘on my game’ at others, and she has flexed to be able to support me whatever I have brought. She has vast experience and insight, and I am hoping to continue to be coached by her in my next role too. I actually feel more valued that I could leave well by the Trust giving this support to me as part of my departure.”

Introduction Training to HEAD Gardening


A full/half day training and application of The HEAD Gardener model

Outline A workshop style training for teams or groups of individuals of 6 people or more. The model is explained and applied to your situation. ½ day or 1 day.


  • Be able to articulate the 8-petal model of head gardening.
  • Understand the uses and situations where the method can be used.
  • Have an experiential learning of using the tool on a real time / actual project or team issue to be resolved through action learning.
  • Be able to take away an action plan to then implement as an individual, team or organisation.

Example Outline of 1-day workshop

Morning session 1 - Introduction to the model, The Head Gardener and the history of the neuroscience for change, why we need to align our imagination to both the developments of technology, research and the laws of nature.

Morning session 2 - Learn petals 1-4 through experiential learning and interactive examples i.e. Envisioning the garden, assessing current state, planning resource requirements and preparing the ground.

Afternoon session 1 - Focus on petals 5-8 through creating the basic shapes, planting, water and nutrients and finally prune and maintain. Consider team members and examples of when these went well and not so well.

Afternoon session 2 - Action planning and commitment making, undertaking the ‘what will get in my way / how can I stick to my plan’ exercise. Feedback and reflection on the day, the model and any next step

Cost – per person or group rates available.

1:1 Leadership Coaching – Creating your perfect ‘garden’

Whether its weeding (unblocking) or planting and planning for success, a safe space to reflect and be challenged to achieve your aims.

Outline – packages of coaching to support Executive /C-suite leaders in role. Using the strength of successful years of coaching, experience and knowledge, the HEAD Gardener will walk the garden with you, your garden, and create the new and sustainable success you are looking for. From honing your vision to finding new perspectives to unblock issues, or spending time reflecting on others experience of you to find a better way to engage or deliver, these sessions are all yours and invaluable for cultivating success in you and those you lead.

Outcome – a more successful, satisfied leader with a more engaged, supportive and inspired workforce.


C-Suite Testament: I come away from coaching sessions with Caroline, the HEAD Gardener, feeling inspired, motivated and full of energy. Caroline has helped me work through my vision of the future and how I lead in a new role in a complex organisation. Her style is patient and encouraging yet direct. She has great insights and experience can harness that to help guide the conversation. Her feedback was spot on! I would have no hesitation to recommend The HEAD Gardener!

The 8-stage model enables you to achieve your success whichever step you start from.