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People and organisations are like gardens, they need designing, developing, looking after and some hard landscaping too to succeed and grow. The Head Gardener helps you cultivate that success through a unique yet entirely accessible approach.

People, teams and organisations are like gardens.

  • They grow and can be helped or hindered in this depending on how well they are looked after and how well the in-house gardener knows their trade, skills or knowledge.
  • They are multiple and various, they can grow in an orderly way, be beautiful alone or enhance others, support one another, or become a tangle of confusion and chaos, and ultimately need a complete overhaul.
  • Some are productive, others creative. Some have a WOW factor and are memorable for ever, and have essence that can be replicated, others, are relaxing, reflective and soothing in their gifts.

To achieve your business ‘perfect garden’ through and with your people, a few basic steps are needed, use of the right tools and techniques, and having some patience, encouragement by signs of growth and not be too disappointed when it doesn’t all go to plan but be diligent with maintenance and ongoing development.

You bring the head, as individuals, teams or organisations and by using deep and broad coaching, change and leadership development expertise creates the success you are looking for


You bring your team, self or organisation and The HEAD Gardener can advise, support and facilitate a path through the current or future issues.

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